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The Laugh
Lee Gun

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"My future dream is to be a scientist. I like experimenting, too. I bought a microscope. I looked at my hand and it was gross looking. I looked at a down feather and I saw a down feather. The goldfish was slippery. I realized the scales make him difficult to hold."

— Heechul’s diary entry, 1992 (age 8)


When haters say Heechul is scripted

Completing Ice Bucket Challenge


Heechul: showers in a $500 shirt

Hangeng: nominated twice so dumps two buckets of water on himself while wearing a most likely very expensive suit

Only Hanchul

I haven't seen you in ages
Sometimes I find myself wondering where you are
For me you'll always be eighteen
And beautiful
And dancing away with my heart
i could be your princess of china [x]


Why wasn’t Heechul born female. He’d be the perfect girl-group member. 


Heechul imitates GD in SMT [X]

ofcourse he will lol


It’s 2014 and they is still no ship better than hanchul.